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Games I Have To Beat

Majora's Mask (Just after Great Bay)
Pokemon Black 2 (Unsure where)
Paper Mario
Nintendo Land (Played Pikmin minigame about...twice.)
Kirby's Dream Collection
Those 20 free downloadables from Nintendo*
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Super Mario 3D World
Mario Party Island Tour
Rune Factory 3
Rune Factory 4
Kirby Triple Deluxe

*(Not playing all, most likely, due to lack of interest in some)


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Untitled by GrappleMaceUntitled by GrappleMace
OKAY, SO THIS IS LANCE. Still working on his last name and stuff.

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Height/Weight: 5'8"-5'10", ~145 lbs. He's a pretty tall, lean guy.

Costume: Latham, a half-elf warrior from a book/movie/show series.

Acquired powers: All enhancements. Greatly enhanced strength, durability and stamina. Enhanced hearing and eyesight, jump and flexibility.

(He was dressed as a mighty warrior, so that's what he became. His powers were derived from what he was dressed as, not who. What I mean is that his powers don't really correlate to the elves/half-elves of the series he's cosplaying from, they haven't got superhuman strength or anything)

An extremely talented cosplayer and costume maker popular for his hobby on the internet. Not famous in any sense, no where near popular enough to be invited as a guest to anything, but popular enough to have a pretty nice following online. He's an in-character cosplayer who will exude the personality of whatever character he's portraying at the time, and walk around the con in the demeanor of the character. (Not one of those that refuses to break character, if it's clear you're talking to him and not his character he won't play the "Who? I'm character name." game with you.) He's the slightest bit elitist in that he knows he's good and will sometimes think bad things about less-skilled cosplayers, never malicious things, but inconsiderate and rude. He would absolutely never say these sorts of things to anyone and qill internally correct himself like "Oh god, no, self, that's mean." He knows he's good but it's just acknowledgement, he's not really prideful about it. (He also really likes cosplaying to his face/body type, so a good chunk of his cosplays have him looking like that character came to life. Latham is one of these.)

Mega-nerd who's likely to buy two of things if he has the money, one to keep in mint condition and another to play with (but if he can only get one, trust me, he'll open it 9 times out of 10). Probably considered a bit sad by outsiders, but really cool by fellow nerds (like us, pft). Keeps pretty nice collections, knows limitless silly trivia about his passions and will ramble forever if you give him the chance to. He's super enthusiastic and extremely willing to help out people new so they can enjoy whatever he's a fan of as well. Doesn't consider himself better than anyone in this respect, and definitely does not have a problem with people not knowing things. He's the one who will let you ride in on his coattails if you're interested in something he is, he'll help you out with anything you need so long as he has the time. (He's essentially the "fandom welcome committee")

Most of his passions are medieval fantasy genre, but he likes far more outside of that. He's probably fond of DnD sorts of things, games like WoW/Skyrim, probably a bit of Zelda, stuff like that. He's not a huge gamer.

A really nice, excitable guy who's pretty outgoing and really enjoys talking to people. He's the sort of guy that will go talk to or make friends with someone he sees sitting alone, and will be the first to do so. Of course he's not friends with everyone, but he's very friendly with most. Really dedicated and detail-oriented in most things he does, he can get a bit perfectionist, especially with cosplays and such, not so much in every day life. Very laid-back, "life goes on" sort of guy, doesn't get too mad or upset very often. You've got to really push his buttons or do something really rude to get a very big reaction out of him. Bullying is one of those things, he absolutely can't stand seeing people being belittled for nothing or for something harmless and is the person to step in and tell someone off without much hesitation. Very rarely gets frustrated, as his cosplays have put him through immense levels in the past.

I have some info on how he handles his powers and the whole hero thing, but I'll reveal that to you guys a bit later, because things might change after we talk/RP about it. I'll figure out more about his hero persona after we do a bit of discussion/RPing


United States
Make yourself at home.
(Yes, I'm aware that looks like a flail. The chain was the supposed to be the"grapple" part, and at the time I didn't know that maces were blunt weapons, and that morning stars were the pointed/spiked ones.)

Hello~ I'm Mace, and this is my page. I hope you enjoy my art and I hope you stick around~ C:

Avatar (Both TLA and LoK)
The Legend of Zelda
Mario/Paper Mario/etc
and just Nintendo games in general

So that's a lot of what you'll see, and a lot of what I'll talk about. I mostly draw my own OC's but my gallery will be littered with plenty of this stuff too.

dA Family




Favourite genre of music: Rock, Symphonic Metal, Orchestrated, NESRock

Favourite style of art: Realistic Cartoonish? As in... cartoons with reasonable proportions.

Favourite cartoon character: Groose, Omi, Jack Spicer, Bolin, (no order)


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