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So today we had a code yellow lock down for an hour in my school. Code yellow means stranger danger, and red means ARMED stranger danger. Normally yellow drills are just adults not knowing they have to sign in, but they usually only last 10 or so minutes because of that. This yellow drill lasted about an hour, I think. We all started freaking out because of how long it was lasting, expecting them to announce a code red any minute. The whole school was tweeting about it, including the girls next to me, so we basically got updates as soon as there were any. We eventually found out that the cops were here, at the other building (My school has 3 buildings, East, West and the pool house, and you have to walk between East/West if you schedule demands it) and that we were on the news. Turns out it WAS a sign-in mess up, a contractor the school hired didn't sign in, and not knowing the yellow drill was about him, went into a classroom to hide like everyone else, which is why it took so long to find him. A lot of people went home the period after, either because they didn't feel like finishing the day after that (because Easter break starts tomorrow) or their parents got worried and came to pick them up.

I used to write journals so much more frequently, my last journal was last month. :/

So that art class I was so stressed about is finally over. The projects were all really fun, but we never had enough time to do any of them, and since I was the most advanced art student IN that class (only senior, class had no prerequisites) my projects took a lot longer because oh my attention to detail and tendency to make bigger projects. Anyway, I stayed after a lot this week and I finished all 3 of the projects I needed to when I stayed after today. A few of them I was just rushing through to get them graded, because today's the last day of the semester. Other meet the requirements to be "done" but I don't think they're finished. So when I'm finished with all of them, fully finished and happy, I'll upload some pics. I'm pretty proud of how a few are turning out/have turned out so far.

Also, I'm going to Zenkaikon in two weeks! It's from the 25th to 27th, and I can't go on Friday, which means I'm probably going on Saturday and Sunday. Normally I only go one day (much to my disdain) but since they changed the way you pay this year, I might go on both days. (It sent from "pay for one day" to "if you pay for one day you pay for all the days after it, so Friday's the most expensive, because you get admission for the whole con if you go on Friday). I'm going to go as a Team Aqua Grunt, and even though my weekends are now free from working on the coiled basket my friend appropirately named "Satan's weave", my next few weekends are going to be spent working on sewing that costume. I haven't sewn in FOREVER, and even though it's very basic sewing I need to do, I'm still hesitant and nervous about starting it. I'll probably watch 11 tutorial videos on the most basic stitches before I get anywhere near it. 

If you were wondering, the only things I need to do are make the bandana (just cut out a square a stitch around it, really, plus stitching the emblem on), cut out and sew the designs on the pants, and sew a black and white shirt together to get the sweeeet striped crop top.

Anyway, this all means that, despite already not seeing any streams or art from me in a while, it's likely you still won't see much, if ANY, until May. When that time rolls around I might have 0 motivation, or you might get spammed. Hopefully it's the latter, because having not drawn anything besides doodles in several weeks means I have a lot of ideas and a MASSIVE NEED to work on stuff. I wish that meant guaranteed motivation when I actually get to sit down and draw things, but I'm still worried that I won't feel like drawing when I finally get to.

Also, here's a little story that happened to me yesterday. We were planning a party for the end of that art class, and we all brought in some food. I made peanut butter blossoms. Beforehand, I asked my whole class if everyone was fine with peanut butter, and no one had allergies.

So we're eating and watching the movie I brought in when another teacher we know comes in. We tell him to take some food, and he takes a couple of my cookies and some of my friend's brownies. He goes back to his classroom and gives some to his class, and he gives one of my cookies (not knowing it was peanut butter) to a kid with peanut allergies. How neither of them knew it was peanut butter was BEYOND me, because even if you didn't know it was peanut butter, it smells like it. And even if it wasn't, wouldn't you ask if there were any nut products in it if you were that allergic, considering most things "may contain nuts"?

Anyway, the kid had to go to the nurse, and then to the hospital. It was a gastric sort of reaction, thank god, and not the sort that makes your throat close up. I heard from someone that it wasn't a rush to get him to the hospital either, so that's good. He probably just needed some medication they didn't have. I felt, and still feel, really bad about this. I'm gonna ask this girl in my math class on Monday if he's in school and okay, because she has class with him the period before. AND THAT'S THE STORY OF HOW I POISONED A KID and the reason behind the title. My mom and I are still kinda scared we're going to get sued, but I think we'll be fine because I made sure MY class wasn't allergic, and neither of the classrooms were peanut-free. So once it was out of my class it was out of my hands, because it wasn't me who gave the kid the cookie, and I assumed the teacher was going to eat it.

I started this journal last night, fell asleep and wrote the rest just now, so if anything seems off, that's why. Overall my life's been pretty good, just wanted to explain why there haven't been streams or art. I'm still ALWAYS online, so the only "hiatuses" I ever take are art-related, really. So never worry about me disappearing, because if I do, it's always because I'm going somewhere/to something and those only usually last a day.

How are all of you guys? None of you poisoned anyone like me, I hope?




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Yeeeeeeah. eoe New semester with an art class that actually requires me to do work, sooo yeah. XD
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