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Questions stolen from Keiggy (that she stole from tumblr), done with my OC's. XD

Ren (21)
Agilis (25, Ren's son, age not to scale)
Ignitus (25, same as above)
Jin (17, Ren's grandson and Agi's son, he's obviously not this old compared to them)
Edric (21)
Artemis (17)
Ju (~400, looks 25ish)
Midas (22)
Cerys (20)
Carter (18)
Ahmethotep (~4400, looks 19)
Shay (16)
Lindon (21)
Jack (??? Old.)
Victor (????? Older.)

1. Think of the last person who said I love you, do you think they meant it?

Ren: I dunno... yeah.
Agilis: Yess~
Ignitus: It was my brother, so yes.
Jin: Yes.
Edric: No...
Artemis: Yes <:3
Ju: Yeeeeeees.
Midas: Yes she did. >w<
Cerys: Mmm yes?
Carter: I dooon't really remember, but if I'm right about who it was, yeah.
Shay: Yes~
Lindon: ...That was a looooooong time ago... I don't think so.
Jack: I... can't really remember the last time that was said to me.
Victor: Of course not. They basically all feel obligated to say that to me, as their monarch.

2. Would you date an 18-year-old at the age you are now?

Ren: No. :/
Agilis: Married.
Ignitus: No.
Jin: Sure?
Edric: Ehhh, no.
Artemis: Euhm, maybe?
Ju: No. u.u
Midas: Noo.
Cerys: It really depends...
Carter: Mhmm.
Ahmethotep: No. :I
Shay: No... <:3
Lindon: No.
Jack: ...Uh-eh, no?
Victor: No.

3. Would you ever smile at a stranger?

Ren: I mean, I guess, sometimes it's polite...
Agilis: Why not?
Ignitus: Of course!
Jin: Surely.
Edric: I guess.
Artemis: Yes. c:
Ju: It's courteous. And makes eye contact a little less weird.
Midas: Mhmm.
Cerys: Course!
Carter: Yeah, unless I was doing something else.
Ahmethotep: Highly depends.
Shay: Yup!
Lindon: Sure.
Jack: Depends on the soooooort of stranger.
Victor: No.

4. Have you ever kissed someone whose name begins with the letter &lsquo;A&rsquo;?

Ren: Probably.
Agilis: No...? I don't think so.
Ignitus: Yes.
Jin: No.
Edric: Mmmaybe?
Artemis: Probably part of my family. <:3
Ju: Uhh no?
Midas:  No.
Cerys: Nope~
Carter: No, don't think so.
Ahmethotep: No.
Shay: Don't think so. o:
Lindon: Nope.
Jack: Uhhh...
Victor: If by kiss you're referring to my lips touching some part of their body, then most likely, yes. I have to eat. If you mean lips on lips, no.

5. What about &lsquo;R&rsquo;?

Ren: Nope.
Agilis: Yes, it was our dad. XD
Ignitus: My dad. XD
Jin: No.
Edric: Probably.
Artemis: Most likely?
Ju: No?
Midas: No.
Cerys: Nope.
Carter: No. <:3
Ahmethotep: No.
Shay: Nope~
Lindon: Don't think so.
Jack: Uhhh, nooooo.
Victor: Most likely.

6. Do you care if people talk badly about you?

Ren: Depends on the person and what about. Sometimes I won't care, especially if it's something true. I've done shitty stuff.
Agilis: Not unless it's a theater critic~
Ignitus: Agreed, we're flawless.
Jin: I suppose I'd hear them out first before getting angry or not.
Edric: Depends, I guess.
Artemis: Well, yes. I don't think I've done anything to deserve being talked about. D:>
Ju: Yeah. Though I guess in some cases I wouldn't be too offended.
Midas: 8I YES.
Cerys: I suppose, I'd probably want to have a talk with them about it.
Carter: I mean, I guess not. I mean I might be, I guess it depends on what they were saying about me?
Ahmethotep: I don't see anything worth talking negatively about, but of course. No one is in the right to disrespect me or my name.
Shay: I'd want to know what I did to have them say things about me, I mean, I guess it depends...
Lindon: Sort of, I guess it depends on if it's working or not? Like if someone starts talking trash and the other person isn't buying it, that's fine. If they're actually affecting the way people think of me without them even meeting me? That's bullshit. Same goes if the person talking doesn't know me.
Jack: Well it's kiiiinda common considering there's a whole town full of humans a mile away. It's not about me personally though. I guess I would be? I'd probably just want to know what their problem with me was.
Victor: Plenty of people have, if I hear it, I'll deal with them, but as for knowing that people do? It doesn't affect my functioning.

7. Have you ever told someone you loved them?

Ren: Yeah.
Agilis: Yup.
Ignitus: ...Yeah.
Jin: Yes.
Edric: No. Wait, yes. My friend.
Artemis: Of course!
Ju: Yeeeees.
Midas: Yes. X3
Cerys: Mhmm~
Carter: Mhmm...
Ahmethotep: No.
Shay: Yes~
Lindon: I don't think so.
Jack: Nooo...? I don't know.
Victor: No.

8. Is there someone who you would do absolutely everything for?

Ren: Yeah.
Agilis: Iggy.
Ignitus: Agi.
Jin: A few.
Edric: Not anything, but yeah.
Artemis: Mhmm~
Ju: I wouldn't do anything for anyone, but there's someone who comes really close.
Midas: A good many.
Cerys: Mhmm.
Carter: Not really, not right now.
Ahmethotep: ...perhaps.
Shay: Yes.
Lindon: ...Yeah, probably.
Jack: Not... yet?
Victor: No.

9. Is it cute when you get kissed on the forehead?

Ren: I don't think I have been?
Agilis: Yes. X3
Ignitus: Mhmm.
Jin: Yeah.
Edric: I guess it would be. XD
Artemis: Sure? c:>
Ju: Amazingly cute.
Midas: ...Yes.
Cerys: Yes! X3
Carter: Yeah.
Ahmethotep: I haven't been.
Shay: I don't think I have been by anyone other than my parents. o:
Lindon: Haven't been. XD
Jack: I guess it would be?
Victor: I don't know?

10. Have you ever wanted someone you couldn't have?

Ren: 8I
Agilis: A couple times.
Ignitus: Apparently...
Jin: No.
Edric: Once, yeah.
Artemis: Euhm, no?
Ju: Yeah, a few. But now I'm perfectly fine. u.u
Midas: I think so. Can't think of specifics right now though.
Cerys: Mhmm~
Carter: A few times, yeah. they were all crushes though.
Ahmethotep: Yes.
Shay: Nope~
Lindon: Yeah, a couple...
Jack: I don't think so.
Victor: Food-wise, yes.

11. Are you a jealous person?

Ren: 8I
Agilis: Sometimes, yeah.
Ignitus: Sometimes. <:3
Jin: Not particularly.
Edric: Not really, not too much.
Artemis: No? <:3
Ju: Very.
Midas: Sometimes.
Cerys: Not really. c:
Carter: Not really. Sometimes I can be.
Ahmethotep: Admittedly, yes.
Shay: Nope~
Lindon: Nah.
Jack: Not really. <XD
Victor: Sometimes. It's rare.

12. Can you commit to one person?

Ren: ...Probably.
Agilis: Yup.
Ignitus: Yes~
Jin: Mhmm.
Edric: Probably, but not right now.
Artemis: Most likely. <:3
Ju: Yes. u.u
Midas: Definitely.
Cerys: Mhmm~
Carter: Yeah, I think so. <:3
Ahmethotep: Maybe, it's likely. I don't know yet.
Shay: I think I'd be able to~
Lindon: I can't commit to any person.
Jack: Like, to marry? Probably.
Victor: Maybe.

13. Ever kissed under fireworks?

Ren: No.
Agilis: Yes~
Ignitus: Yeah.
Jin: Haven't kissed.
Edric: Nope.
Artemis: Um, maybe? I can't remember, I might have, but it was definitely just family.
Ju: Yes, and it was amazing. u.u
Midas: No, that seems nice though.
Cerys: Oh, that sounds amazing~!
Carter: No...
Ahmethotep: No.
Shay: Nope~
Lindon: No, I haven't. XD
Jack: A lot of these questions kinda require a partner...
Victor: No.

14. Are you a virgin?  If not, how did you lose your virginity?

Ren: Nope. I was 16 or 17 and got really drunk with this girl. I think she was a lot older than me, but I can't really remember it well. I kinda just stayed at her house for a few days.
Agilis: Nope, wedding night.
Ignitus: Lost it on my wedding night... it was actually really nice and I miss her a lot...
Jin: Yes.
Edric: No, it was one of my first girlfriends, I remember that.
Artemis: Yes.
Ju: No, it was a looong time ago though, I don't really remember it.
Midas: Yes.
Cerys: Mhmm.
Carter: No, I don't really want to talk about it though. It was to a guy.
Ahmethotep: Yes.
Shay: Yes~
Lindon: Yeah.
Jack: Yes.
Victor: Yes. I've been made fun of for that as well. Apparently someone my age being a virgin is hilarious?

15. Do you have any regrets?

Ren: Yeah, a lot. Really bad ones.
Agilis: Maybe a few, but nothing major.
Ignitus: Nothing big.
Jin: Not yet, well nothing major.
Edric: ...Yeah, good few.
Artemis: No, not particularly.
Ju: Yeah, a couple. Done some stuff I'm not super proud of, but nothing was super important.
Midas: A few minor ones, hopefully won't make many more.
Cerys: Not really~
Carter: Maybe a couple...
Ahmethotep: MMm... honestly I regret not being able to rule longer? It wasn't my fault, and I couldn't have helped it, but it would've been nice.
Shay: Sometimes I regret leaving for this trip, but then I remember I'm a lot happier travelling like this. I send letters all the time, and I plan to go back eventually, so I never feel too bad for long. <:3
Lindon: ...Yeeeeeeaahhh...
Jack: Maybe a few.
Victor: Not in the least, at least nothing important. I'm sure that'll change, however.

16. Are you afraid of dying?

Ren:  A lot. I probably wouldn't be alive if I wasn't. I tried some stupid shit, but I'm not gonna do that again.
Agilis: Um, I don't think so. I just wouldn't want to leave anyone behind, and I'd want to go quick.
Ignitus: Kinda, I just hope when I do, it's not violent.
Jin: I don't really think or worry about that... I'm not really sure if I am or not.
Edric: Yeah, I haven't seen anything yet, so I wouldn't want my life to end any time soon. If I go, I want it to be fast, though.
Artemis: Yeah...
Ju: Right now, yeah.
Midas: I've thought about this before, and I'm not really sure how I feel about it. I don't want to, so for now, I guess I'd say I am afraid of it.
Cerys: Yeah, kinda...
Carter: Yeah, I think everyone is a little bit.
Ahmethotep: I've experienced it, and it's really not fun, so I wouldn't want it to happen again. On the other hand, I need to find SOME way back to the afterlife... so I've been wondering on how to do that. I'm scared to attempt suicide only because I'm not sure where that would lead me.
Shay: I think everyone is, but no one should be so scared that they don't take any risks.
Lindon: Yeah, sometimes I get kinda deep and think about that a lot, and it's not fun.
Jack: Yes, very...
Victor: I suppose so, but I don't need to worry about it now.

17. Do you want to get married?

Ren: Not really, I don't really have anyone I would want to marry.
Agilis: I am married. u.u
Ignitus: Not again. I mean I guess it'd be nice, but I don't really want to after a failed marriage. I guess it kind of ruined my trust in it.
Jin: Yeah, I'd like to someday.
Edric: Maybe, it'd be nice to find someone to marry.
Artemis: Yeah, I plan to someday. c:
Ju: Veeeery much. I have a perfect girlfriend who I want to make my perfect wife. u.u
Midas: Yeah, I plan to.
Cerys: Yes~ I'm still looking for "the one" though. X3
Carter: Yeah, that'd be nice. Hopefully I find someone. <:3
Ahmethotep: I guess? I haven't really been thinking of getting a queen, actually...
Shay: Yes! 
Lindon: ...I don't really think so.
Jack: Maybe, I'm not sure yet.
Victor: I... don't need a queen right now.

18. Girls, when was the last time you went/how often do you go out without a bra?
Cerys: Usually whenever I'm at home. c:
Shay: Depends on what I'm wearing, but if it's not a tight shirt I probably won't wear one. Unless it's so baggy that it might fly up/fall down.

19. Guys, when was the last time you went/how often do you go shirtless in public?

Ren: Whenever it's hot out, usually. I don't go to town tooooo much though? I mean when I do it's usually for work, and I have to wear a shirt then. XD
Agilis: I don't do it usually, but when it's hot, sometimes.
Jin: Never, not in public.
Edric: A couple times, I don't really make a habit of it.
Artemis: Never. I get embarrassed...
Ju: Often, it depends on where in public I am though. In certain areas, not many people wear shirts at all.
Midas: I have a few times, not often though.
Carter: I never do... <XD;
Ahmethotep: Almost always if it's warm enough outside.
Lindon: Maybe once. 
Jack: ...Never.
Victor: Considering that's likely to kill me, no.

20. Do you like to cook?

Ren: I've never really tried, I think I'd be bad at it.
Agilis: Somtimes, I can only make a few things though.
Ignitus: Yeah, it's fun sometimes. I can't make anything fancy though.
Jin: I guess it'd be fun, but I've never tried.
Edric: No, and I'm bad at it. XD
Artemis: My dad really likes to cook, and he's really good at it, so I've never really tried. It seems fun though.
Ju: Yeah. u.u
Midas: I'm not particularly good at it, but I don't consider it a chore.
Cerys: Sometimes baking's really fun~
Carter: I mean, sometimes, but other times I'm way too tired to.
Ahmethotep: I never have.
Shay: Yeah, sometimes it's really fun, but sometimes you're really hungry and too tired to make something. Then it kind of stinks.
Lindon: Eh, not really.
Jack: I haven't had much experience, but it's not something I'd do for fun.
Victor: I never really have.

21. Guys, are thongs sexy?

Ren: ...Yeah.
Agilis: Depends on who it's on.
Ignitus: On some people.
Jin: I don't really think so.
Edric: Hell yes.
Artemis: Um...
Ju: Yes. u.u
Midas: I don't really prefer them...
Carter: Uh, I guess? I don't think I've ever seen someone in one.
Ahmethotep: What?
Lindon: Eh, I dunno. I guess.
Jack: I haven't ever seen one...
Victor: I haven't seen anyone in one, but I don't find much "sexy".

22. Girls, do you think suits are sexy?

Cerys: Formal wear of aaaany kind looks really good on everyone.
Shay: Not "sexy", but they add a certain charm, and they do look very nice~

23. Have you ever kissed a member of the same sex?

Ren: Nope.
Agilis: Yeah, during a couple plays I have.
Ignitus: Yeah, but they were all stage kisses or greetings.
Jin: Other than my dad when I was little? No.
Edric: Nope.
Artemis: Yes, but that's sort of how I greet other people.
Ju: ...Yeees? I think so.
Midas: No.
Cerys: No, not romantically.
Carter: Yeah, a few times. <:3
Ahmethotep: Not recently, I can't really remember if I ever did before.
Shay: No. c:
Lindon: Nope.
Jack: Uhh, my lips have touched other guys, but I don't think that's what you mean.
Victor: I've fed off of men, but I doubt that counts.

24. Would you rather never fall in love again or never orgasm again?

Ren: ...Shit. Well it says agaaaain, so probably never fall in love again.
Agilis: Never fall in love again. I don't need to, I have my wife. u.u
Ignitus: Uhm... I guess never orgasm.
Jin: I haven't fallen in love yet, and I'd like to. So I suppose never orgasm.
Edric: ...Damn, uhhh... ummm... wow. I'll need a minute.
Artemis: Never orgasm.
Ju: e_e Well I'm already in love... I don't think I'd ever need to again. Well I hope not... but I'm going to live a long time, and in case Keyla ever leaves me, I guess never orgasm again. Because then if she ever leaves I can have another chance, and even if I'm not enjoying it I can still make her happy.
Midas: Never orgasm.
Cerys: Oh, that's easy. I really want to fall in love.
Carter: Um... orgasm, I guess.
Ahmethotep: Never orgasm.
Shay: Oh, uhh... o///o Never orgasm?
Lindon: Never orgasm, I guess.
Jack: Eh, I'd kind of like to fall in love someday, so never orgasm.
Victor: ...I honestly don't have a choice. I don't think I'd mind losing either. I might change my mind on wanting a queen though, so I suppose lose orgasms.





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