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Illegibilus: Carrie Smithons by GrappleMace Illegibilus: Carrie Smithons by GrappleMace
Ugh, this is fiiiiinally done. Not quite sure how I feel about the art here, but who cares. Either way the headshot's a lot more accurate than the full picture. (My prefered method of RP is chat or notes, I don't have a Skype, so I'm sorry~)


Name: Clarissa "Carrie" Smithons
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3
Weight: 120 lbs.
Birthday: (dunno yet)
House: Slytherin
Year: 6

Excitable, competitive, hardworking, ambitious, inventive, emotional, appreciative, tough, loving, friendly, cheery.

An exceptionally cheery person, Carrie doesn't have many low days. Despite being at the school for 5 years already, she's still so amazed at anything and everything magic. Sometimes she'll stop and realize what she's doing is actually magic and will confirm to herself that all of this is real and she's here.

She's ambitious and tries her hardest at whatever she does, and will try even harder if wanting to disprove someone's expectations. She'll get huffy if someone doubts her, but won't let people tear at her self-esteem. People that have low expectations for her should look out, because she'll fight to prove them wrong, and sometimes may go overboard in trying to do so. She looks up to those who are better at her than things, often striving to get closer to their level. She'll sometimes idolize people, and when this happens, she may be ignorant to mistakes or wrongdoings the person may make or do. She uses idols as motivation, she won't get stressed if she can't be better than someone at something, but will rather try to learn from them.

She tries to let nothing get in the way of her achieving what she wants, and problems that have seemingly no solution can get her extremely frustrated or desperate, because she's used to figuring things out. If she's unable to do something, she'll rarely bend the rules, but will rather find loopholes in them, which might end up being "against the rules" anyway, or push herself to be better, knowing that she slacked off somewhere. If she forgets something or doesn't perform as well as she thinks she should, she'll take it upon herself to make herself better at it.

She's extremely competitive. If she can rival someone, she will. silently or obviously. She won't berate those worse than her and won't stress about those better than her, but rather will try to compete with those her speed, or will try really hard to match someone a little better. Really competitive with house stuff too (ESPECIALLY QUIDDITCH), aaand probably over-celebrates winning things the first 10 minutes after. Same thing with losing, but she'll only complain if it was a close call. If it's something that they were honestly better at and deserved, she gets it. If they were evenly matched and they ALMOST won, she'll pout for a bit, but will be over it soon.

Good in a pinch, she can come up with creative ways to get around things or solve problems, and will be quick to do so. It doesn't matter if it's abstract or literal thinking, she can usually get around it.

She easily makes acquaintances and treats her friends like gold, often being very physical and touchy-feely with them. She may even do this if they're uncomfortable with physical contact, but this isn't purposeful.

She can also get a little too emotional about things. It doesn't really matter which emotion, either. She doesn't get angry extremely often, and when she does it's often fleeting. This is because she's easy to forgive if she knows/figures out  why something happened or why someone did something. So she won't stay mad for long if she realizes it was a mistake.

Born a halfblood to a halfblood father and a muggle mother, Carrie's father was always super anxious in wanting to share information about the magical world with her. He kept quiet in the event she was born without magical abilities, , so she wouldn't be disappointed or disbelieve him. He did let some information slip, however, telling vague stories about Hogwarts as bedtime stories when she was young. That was until she started exhibiting magical abilities fairly young. He gradually let more and more slip until be was basically teaching her things himself. Although none of this registered as fully REAL until she got her letter. I mean, of course she knew it was real, that was just the event that hit the nail on the head and cleared any speck of doubt she might've had.

Same for her dad, although he knew it was coming, he was absolutely overjoyed and basically started rambling to her about it right on the spot, completely overwhelmed. After being interrupted by her mom, who was used to this sort of thing, he decided that she'd see soon enough and took her to Diagon Alley when the time came. They were both extremely excited and neither of them really shut up during the entire first week.

Sure, this bothered her mother a little bit, who was already overwhelmed at all of the magical stuff, knowing she wouldn't be able to see her daughter too often anymore, but this was pretty easily remedied by the fact she wrote them INCESSANTLY her first year or two. 
She'd had some pretty close friends before all of this happened, all of whom were told that she was going to a private school. The first part of her first year definitely wasn't her happiest, because of her missing them so much, but as shallow as it sounds, she nearly forgot about them by the time the year was ending. She spent parts of the summer with them before her second year, but after another year of her gone, they all began talking less and right now are really nothing more than nostalgic memories for each other.
Jasper (magic halfblood) and Victoria Smithons (muggle).
Likes & Dislikes
QUIDDITCH, singing, parties, dressing up, tea, being outside (especially during spring), flying, light busywork/homework, soft fabrics and soft things in general, flowers, animals, and taking little adventures. She likes to cook sometimes, but she doesn't do it often.

The whole "pureblooded dark mage" stereotype of Slytherin, not getting fresh air for a while when friends are sad/uncomfortable/angry.

Elective Classes
Study of Ancient Runes
Care of Magical Creatures

Extra Curricular
Ghoul Studies

Lumos Charm/Nox Charm: Lumos, Nox
Creates a bright light at the end of the caster's wand, which will persist until it is dismissed or specifically countered. Nox dispels a Lumos charm.

Incendio: Incendio
Creates a jet of flame which expels from the wand. The power of this spell increases with the skill and experience of the caster.

Aguamenti Charm: Aquamenti
Produces a jet of water from the caster's wand.

Mobilization Charm: Mobilito
Causes the target - usually something inanimate - to levitate and move at the caster's discretion.

Bubble-Head Charm: Ebullio capitis
Creates a bubble of fresh air around the caster's head, allowing them to breathe underwater, or in other normally inhospitable situations.

Impervius Charm - Impervius
Renders an object - often an article of clothing - impermeable to many substances and outside forces, including water. Classically used for weatherproofing.

• Wand
Core: Phoenix feather
Length: 12 3/4 inches.
Wood: Walnut
Flexibility: Slightly yeilding

• Other Information
She loves to sing and does so a lot. She's got a pretty singing voice, but isn't a pro and hasn't taken any lessons.

She's played beater in quidditch, so she's stronger than her stature suggests. She switched positions to be a chaser though, as she's better at it.

Her dad was a Gryffindor and will sometimes tease her about the rivalry.

1000 House Points by rowApril Fools 2014 Badge by rowBlood Moon Badge by rowFinis Badge by row

Carrie © Me GrappleMace
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